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Ankle & Foot Specialist In Singapore

Dr Tan Ken Jin offers specialized bunion surgery to relieve pain and correct deformities caused by bunions. Using modern surgical techniques, he ensures minimal discomfort and promotes faster recovery, helping patients regain foot function and improve their quality of life.

Bunion Surgery Specialist in Singapore

Dr Tan Ken Jin is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon specializing in Foot and Ankle Disorders and Sports injuries. He trained at the National University of Singapore and has extensive experience in major Singaporean hospitals. He excelled in his advanced speciality training, earning the College of Surgeons Gold Medal. He further honed his skills through prestigious fellowships in Germany and the USA under leading Foot and Ankle Reconstruction experts.

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We Specialise in the following Ankle & Foot Conditions & Treatments

Dr Tan Ken Jin offers modern surgical treatment options for bunions, focusing on providing patients with the most reliable and accurate correction. His innovative approach includes Guidance Jig System & Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery (MIS).
Dr Tan Ken Jin specializes in repairing ankle ligaments and cartilage through modern, minimally invasive procedures to restore joint stability and mobility effectively.

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