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Returning to Court Sports

Functional Progressions For Court Sports

Once you have completed the appropriate phases of rehabilitation, it will be possible to begin a functional progression. The functional progression is an ordered sequence of activities which enable you to reacquire the skills necessary for safe and effective return to your chosen sport.

Begin with step one. If you can do this exercise without pain or limping you may process to the next step. It is very important that you perform each exercise correctly, without apprehension or fear. When you have successfully completed each step of the functional progression you may then attempt to return to your sport. You should wear a brace or tape as directed by your doctor.

  • Heel raises – injured leg – 10 times
  • Walk at fast pace – full court
  • Jumping on both legs – 10 times
  • Jumping on injured leg – 10 times
  • Jog straight – full court
  • Jog straight and curves – 2 laps
  • Sprint – half, then 3/4, then full speed – full court
  • Run figure 8s – half, 3/4 then full speed – baseline to 1/4 court
  • Triangle drills – sprint baseline to 1/2 court, backward run to 1/2 court, defensive slides along baseline, both directions
  • Cariocas – cross-over drill – half, 3/4 then full speed
  • Cutting – half, 3/4 then full speed – full court

If you have any questions, call your physiotherapist or arrange for an appointment to see him or her.

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